Geo data – support for researchers

Open Office Hours

The Data Team will be holding Open Office Hours for you to drop by and get help with your data management and privacy needs. Members of the data team will have a dedicated hour each week where researchers can stop by for a quick chat or get some help with their research data.  

Stop in to talk about:  

  • Data Management Plans 
  • Open Science and Open Data 
  • Privacy and Personal Data 
  • FAIR Data 
  • Publishing Data 
  • Writing Metadata and Documentation 
  • Git and GitHub 

The schedule of availability in the departments can be found in the table below: 


Department  Time  Location 
All Departments Wednesdays on Teams
15u – 16u
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Online on: Teams 
Human Geography and Spatial Planning (SGPL)

Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development (SD) 



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7th Floor 

Table between 7.04 and 7.54

Earth Sciences (AW)  Mondays


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2nd Floor 


Privacy Tuesdays 1  

12u – 13:30


5th Floor 


Also online: Teams Link



 If you can’t make it to an open office hours, please send an email to