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Data Management Plans

What are Data Management Plans

Data Management Plans (DMPs) are documents that help researchers manage their data through the life of a research project. They are helpful in setting out clearly what data will be collected, where and how it will be stored, what data protection and backup strategy apply, where the data will be published and/or archived, and under which conditions and what resources need to be reserved.  

National funders in the Netherlands are requiring data management plans to be written for research projects they fund, and many other funding agencies are getting on-board with requiring DMPs to be written and submitted. Also Utrecht University states that it is the responsibility of the researcher that at the start of a research project a DMP is created, according to the policy framework research data.   


To support researchers in fulfilling this responsibility, the Research Data Management (RDM) team provides review services and training in using DMP Online, an online tool where DMPs can be created, reviewed, and shared, and contains the most common DMP funder templates. In addition, they also provide custom DMP layouts and user guides tailored for specific organisations, such as Utrecht University. Templates for major funding organisations include the Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO), European Commission, European Research Council, and many more.  

You can read more about the DMP Online tool through the RDM webpage  

The DMP website is DMPonline ( Please use the button ‘Sign in with Institutional Credentials’. In the next page fill in ‘Universiteit Utrecht’, then you can log-in with your Solis-ID and password. 

When you want to involve other faculty or staff in helping you with setting up your DMP, please go to the share tab and add their e-mail address here with role editor or co-owner. The added person will receive an invitation email from DMPOnline to consult the plan. 

If you like to get feedback from the RDM team, please click on button ‘request feedback’. When you already have contact with a faculty staff member on your plan, please don’t use this button.